White Fang by Jack London

English 9 Semester I Novel Project


Staple or place your completed assignment in a folder and turn in on or before Tuesday, October 16.  See the extra credit section for an alternative to submitting a hard copy. 


The novel is available in the bookroom for checkout and also At Page by Page Books http://www.pagebypagebooks.com/Jack_London/White_Fang/





Directions:  Before reading White Fang use a dictionary to define the words below.  Use each word in a sentence which helps you understand the meaning.


spectral, cavort, progeny, ptarmigan, pottage, indomitable, prowess, clout, avarice, effusive


Comprehension Questions

Directions:  As you read White Fang jot down notes to answer the following questions.  When you have completed the book, go back and answer the questions in complete sentences with more than one sentence for each answer.  Some answers may require a paragraph.

1. Why does Bill decide he must kill She-Wolf?

2. What happens when White Fang tries to lead his mother from the Indian camp?

3. Why does White Fang characterize Weedon Scott as being the perfect master?

4. What "human qualities" does White Fang possess?  Describe his personality as a young wolf.

5. What person do you know who is most like the character White Fang.  Why did you choose that person?

6. Discuss the dynamics of being the lead sled-dog. Why was it a position of honor and yet also, from the viewpoint of the dogs, not a position of honor? Why was the lead sled-dog so despised? 

7. Briefly describe the personalities of Gray Beaver, Beauty Smith, and Weedon Scott.

8. What lessons does White Fang learn from his experiences in the Northland? 

9. What challenges did White Fang face in California that were different from those faced in the Northland?

10. Using the website http://london.sonoma.edu/Essays/philosophy.html briefly describe three of the men who influenced Jack London’s personal philosophy and how this philosophy was evident in White Fang (for example: “survival of the fittest”).






Essay Questions

Directions:  Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in five-paragraph essay format.


1. Briefly describe White Fang's transformation from wild young pup to fierce fighter. Then briefly describe his transformation from ferocious, untrusting wolf to devoted protector. Give specific examples from the book to back up your discussion.


2. Do you think it is “fitting” for White Fang to live out his life as a pet?  Defend your answer.


Project Choices

Directions:  Choose ONE of the following projects to complete.

1. Create a PowerPoint presentation on the differences, adaptations, and defense mechanisms of an animal other than wolves.


2. Video or sound record a news broadcast or create a newspaper article about a recent animal rights issue.


3.  Create a scrapbook with a cover and one page for each section of the book.  The pages should highlight the setting, characters, and conflicts of each part.


Extra Credit Project

Create a poster or other media such as Inspiration that compares and contrasts the personalities, characteristics, and actions of White Fang, the wolf in “The Story of the Three Little Pigs,” and how wolves actually behave in the wild.




Create an electronic portfolio (similar to what you would create in Smart Lab) that includes all of your projects.   Deciding to complete this project may determine the format of your projects.  See Connie or Denise for suggestions and help.